Privacy for Business Employees and Executives

What is a company’s top asset? It’s executives.

All personal information is online, available, and for sale. An executive’s information is worth more and used in higher value whaling attacks and harassment.

Personal information on CEOs, board members, and executives is more public than most of them realize. It includes a considerable amount of data regarding who they are, where they live, who they are related to, what property they own, where they work, date of birth, income, professional, religious, and political affiliations as well, as their corporate contact information. Due to the ease of finding executive personal information, they and their families can be targeted for harassment, physical threats, or attacks on their home based on a range of events occurring. These can include poor company financial results, negative news reports, geo-political events where the company operates, type of products the organization produces, new-found executive wealth due to an IPO, or shareholders that might disagree with the announcement of an upcoming merger or acquisition.

Companies & their executives have long been targets of protests or threats. But you see more of it when there’s political tension or economic uncertainty.

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These should include: Cybersecurity services that protect against hacking, impersonation, doxing, and identity theft, including password managers, such as Password or LastPass, and data scrubbers, such as DeleteMe or PrivacyDuck; mental health care or counseling; legal counseling; and guidance, such as PEN America’s Online Harassment Field Manual.

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