Executive Threats

Proactive security teams partner with DeleteMe because they’ve experienced firsthand how employee personal information–exposed by data brokers and other third-party sites–has been used to threaten their most highly-visible employees.

When an Executive’s personal information is available for the taking on the open web, bad actors have everything they need to dox, threaten or harass them and their families.

Threats Against the C-Suite are Growing Daily.

Spurred by negative earnings reports, news coverage, geopolitical and environmental events, controversial product announcements, IPO/M&A events, and mass layoffs; cybercriminals, activists and disgruntled employees are on a mission to have their voices heard at any cost. By removing executive PII online, DeleteMe allows companies to protect their C-suite from these bad actors.

Publicly Exposed PII & Executive Risks

Current Home Address

Risk exposure from doxxing, physical harassment, photo, and net worth exposure.

Family Information

Vulnerable to physical harassment, extortion, ID theft, and password attacks.

Affiliation Information

Vulnerable to doxxing and physical harassment for political, sexual, ethnic affiliations.

Email Addresses

Increased threat from phishing attacks; account takeover, data breach, and business email compromise/spam.

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These should include: Cybersecurity services that protect against hacking, impersonation, doxing, and identity theft, including password managers, such as Password or LastPass, and data scrubbers, such as DeleteMe or PrivacyDuck; mental health care or counseling; legal counseling; and guidance, such as PEN America’s Online Harassment Field Manual.
What to Do When Your Employee Is Harassed Online

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