Cybersecurity Risks

Proactive cybersecurity teams partner with DeleteMe because they’ve experienced firsthand how employee personal information–exposed by data brokers and other third-party sites–has been used effectively in sophisticated cyber attacks.

The PII most ripe for abuse by malicious threat actors is the PII that already exists on the open web; not on your servers.

Phishing Training Is Not Enough.

Armed with employees’ personal data from the web, threat actors can craft phishing emails that even the most security-aware employees cannot detect. By monitoring and removing employee PII online, DeleteMe allows companies to fight back against the number one cause of data breaches.

Publicly Exposed PII & Cybersecurity Risks

Email Addresses

Risk exposure from phishing attacks including account takeover, data breach, and business email compromise/spam.

Phone Numbers

Vulnerable to SIM swap scams, smishing, and general phishing attacks.

Professional Information

Increased threat from business email compromise, phishing, and ransomware attacks.

Date of Birth

More easily susceptible to brute force password attacks.

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These should include: Cybersecurity services that protect against hacking, impersonation, doxing, and identity theft, including password managers, such as Password or LastPass, and data scrubbers, such as DeleteMe or PrivacyDuck; mental health care or counseling; legal counseling; and guidance, such as PEN America’s Online Harassment Field Manual.
What to Do When Your Employee Is Harassed Online

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