Privacy for Business Employees and Executives

Privacy: an important element to achieving employee wellness & satisfaction.

Protecting the privacy and well-being of your employees is more important than ever to continue your diversity & inclusion efforts.

With people’s privacy under continuous attack, employees are living with a growing privacy deficit. Wherever they go online, everyone in your organization leaves a trail of information that is being captured. For your organization, the personal identity trail created by employees has real risks — corporate reputation loss, increased employee anxiety levels, and a drain on their productivity when their exposed personal information is used in a cyberattack or used by a cyberbully. Providing a personal information monitoring and removal service as a voluntary benefit will give your employees real peace of mind.

Personal identity protection is one of the top voluntary benefits that employees want.


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These should include: Cybersecurity services that protect against hacking, impersonation, doxing, and identity theft, including password managers, such as Password or LastPass, and data scrubbers, such as DeleteMe or PrivacyDuck; mental health care or counseling; legal counseling; and guidance, such as PEN America’s Online Harassment Field Manual.

What to Do When Your Employee Is Harassed Online

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