Your employees’ personal data is on the web for the taking.

DeleteMe makes it simple to keep employee personal data from being used, and abused, by others.
World-Class Companies Trust DeleteMe

Why DeleteMe?

Your employees’ personal information is available for public consumption on the surface web and it makes your company an easy target because it:
  • Is listed for sale by data brokers and other third parties
  • Ranks high in Google search results
  • Exposes common personal information that opens you up to cybersecurity risks and executive threats
  • Is publicly searchable in hundreds of online and offline databases
DeleteMe Business Privacy Data Removal

With over 100 Million individual pieces of data removed since 2010, DeleteMe is the category-defining market leader in the personal data removal space. Our business platform was specifically designed to address demand from organizations seeking to offer large-scale privacy protection programs for their executives and employees.

For your organization, the digital personal identity trail created by employees has a serious downside — corporate risk.

How Does DeleteMe Privacy Protection Work?

DeleteMe Business Privacy Data Removal

Employees, Executives, and Board Members Complete a Quick Sign-Up


DeleteMe Scans for Exposed Information


Opt-Out and Removal Requests Begin


Initial Privacy Report Shared and Ongoing Reporting Initiated


DeleteMe Provides Continuous Privacy Protection and Service All Year

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