Contact us today so we can take your employee information down and protect you from phishing attacks, identity theft, stalking, doxxing, and other serious threats. Or get started with an individual DeleteMe Business: Employee or DeleteMe Business: Executive account now and we’ll contact you to discuss protecting the rest of your company.

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DeleteMe are the Industry Leaders

With a 9 year track record and developed by experts with extensive information security and online privacy management experience, DeleteMe searches all of the largest data broker sites for personal information, removes it, and monitors to ensure it stays removed.

On average, DeleteMe removes over 200 exploitable and publicly available pieces of personal information for each employee it protects.

That’s why 35% of the Fortune 50 use DeleteMe.

DeleteMe in Detail — Business Plan Options

Abine offers two levels of privacy protection for Business. DeleteMe Business: Employee provides strong security designed for broad adoption DeleteMe Business: Executive offers added values and service levels for situations where even greater protection is called for.

DeleteMe Business:
DeleteMe Business:
Number of Sources Removed 50+ 90+ (customized)
Name Variations Protected 15 Unlimited
Address Variations Protected 15 Unlimited
E-Mail Addresses Protected 15 Unlimited
Compliance Audits of Sites Removed Every Two Months Every Month
Number of Reports Per Year 6 12
Site List Guarantee Yes Yes
Manual Removal From Challenging Sites No Yes
Custom Removal Requests When Possible Yes Yes
Emergency Removals Yes Yes
Central Management of Accounts Yes Yes
White Glove Service No Yes
Customized Site List No Yes
Removal Standard Standard + Google-based
Dedicated Removal Specialist No Standard + Google-based

Want additional protection and service for your personal information?

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DeleteMe Addresses Critical Concerns of Key Leadership Roles

DeleteMe is a material addition to corporate information security protocols, a meaningful supplement to HR benefit programs, and a prudent risk mitigation measure to limit legal exposure and operational disruption.

Information Security
professionals rely on DeleteMe to cleanse personal information about employees and executives on the internet which may be used against them individually and against the company.

Human Resources
leaders incorporate DeleteMe into employee benefits packages as a demonstration of the company's commitment to personal well-being and a differentiator to highlight with potential hires

Legal Departments
understand that a responsible investment in DeleteMe for staff and leadership limits legal exposure for their organization and prevents the internal disruptions damaging incidents give rise to.