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Executive & employee information exposed on Google increases the risk of cybersecurity events, harassment and physical threats.

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Rating on BBB

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How does DeleteMe Privacy Protection for business work?

DeleteMe Privacy Advisors use the DeleteMe technology platform to scan, match, and find unwanted instances of employees’ corporate and personal information online.

Employees get regular, comprehensive, and easy to understand privacy reports delivered to their email and their personal privacy Dashboard.

The company’s administrator receives simple, streamlined program roll-out support with reporting and user management functionality in our new administration console.

Roll-out your organizations' program in admin-managed or self-managed formats and learn from our experienced customer success managers to guide you along the way.

How does DeleteMe Privacy Protection for business work?


of data breaches are caused by employees inadvertently exposing information.


of adults in the workplace have experienced online harassment that often continues offline from the exposure of their personally identifiable information.


is spent annually by organizations dealing with phishing attacks.

We protect employee's personal information from online & offline privacy threats.

Bolsters cybersecurity against phishing attacks & social engineering scams

Keeps employees safe from stalkers, online harassment & physical threats

Mitigates risk of reputational damage caused by doxxing

Increases employee satisfaction, retention, engagement, & productivity

Reduces annoying robocalls & unwanted marketing spam

Phishing Protection: Training Isn't Enough

Phishing Protection: Training Isn't Enough

Your organization has implemented layers of security across perimeters, devices, data, applications, and users to prevent data breaches. Phishing training for employees and executives has become the norm, but hackers haven't stopped. Phishing incidents doubled in 2020 and have become more sophisticated through social engineering.
Is exposed employee personal information now the weakest link in your cyber and physical security chain?

Learn How to Avoid Phishing Scams

The average employee has 350+ personal information points that are publicly exposed, increasing the risk of cyberthreats, harassment, & threats

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$4M spent annually by organizations dealing with phishing attacks

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